Twice a year we invite women to recycle their wardrobe and earn extra money. Consignors earn a base of 60% of their sales (minus a consignor fee), with a potential to earn up to 75%.  Receive your e-check the week following each event.  REGISTER OR LOGIN >


September 24–28


November 19–23

Coming Soon



Register here to sell at our event.


Prepare, price and tag your items.

Drop Off

Login to select a check-in time to drop off your items.

  • AcceptedItems
  • MerchandisePrep
  • Tag
  • Drop off/Pick up
  • Get Paid
  • Earn aHigher %
  • RestockConsignor

Take into consideration as you go through your closet that our shoppers will be looking for current, quality, seasonal brand-name items. Ask yourself if this is an item you would like to see as a shopper at our sale. Divine Consign accepts only current (purchased within the last 3-5 years), new and gently used items. We accept all sizes including teen and maternity.

Do bring

  • Clothing in new to like-new condition Items should be in pristine condition.
  • Clothing that’s freshly laundered Clothing should look and smell clean. Anything that smells like cigarette smoke will not be accepted.
  • Brand New Bathing Suits with Tags.
  • Accessories Handbags, wallets, hats, belts, scarves, shoes and jewelry.
  • On-trend items Items that are on-trend and have been sold in the last few years. Think of items a friend would be happy to wear.
  • Quality Our shoppers prefer high-end, casual, designer and other boutiques brands.
  • Quantity There is a limit of 60 items that can be brought in by each consignor (this number includes accessories). *If you find you have over 60 “quality items” please email for an extension on your limit.

Do not bring

  • Sleepwear, used swimwear and undergarments. 
  • Items that show any signs of wear Any clothing with rips, holes, stains, pilling, fading, shrinkage. Check the soles and toes of shoes to ensure they are clean and free of scuff marks.
  • Specialty items Bridesmaids, floor-length and wedding dresses. However, we do love cocktail dresses and formal wear.
  • Out-of-season items Summer items, shorts, halters or strappy summer tops and flip flops will not be accepted at our fall sales. Similarly wool, fleece, corduroy pants, turtlenecks and thick wool sweaters will not be accepted at our spring sale.
  • Items considered offensive Items will not be accepted if they contain language or content that are deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly audience.
  • Items deemed to be counterfeit Clothing must be manufactured by the brand represented on the item. Faux items will not be accepted.
  • Items obtained illegally We do NOT accept illegally obtained goods or any goods we believe may have been obtained illegally.

Divine Consign holds final approval on all items included in the sale.

1. Collect materials

  • Safety pins
  • Hangers (no wire hangers)
  • Packing tape
  • Heavy card stock 65lbs+ (white or light color only) for printing your tags or order a tagging supplies from us. Click here to order tagging supplies.

2. Prepare garments and accessories

  • Make sure your  pile of clothes are clean, not faded, free of rips, tears and stains.
  • Button all buttons, zip up all zippers this will make your clothes look their best. Although most of the clothes at our sale are pre-owned, they should not appear to be used.
  • Bring the life out in your clothes and make them stand out.
  • Hang all your garments up (hanger should make a ? at the top).
  • If you’re hanging a set make sure you secure them together so they don’t get separated.
  • Pin straps to the top of hangers if the item looks like it might slip off.
  • All pants/skirts/jeans must be hung by the waistband on a pant hangers.
  • Shoes can bring brought in boxes, but they won’t be displayed in boxes at the sale. We also can’t return boxes to you at the end of the sale.
  • Belt, scarves and hats will be displayed on tables or hung on hooks so don’t worry about putting them on hangers.

Enter tags (print helpful PDF)

1. Login and click the Manage Items tab. Click Add (manual) button.

2. Start with your first item:

  • Select blank category
  • Select size. If your item does not have a size, choose blank size.
  • Type a brief but SPECIFIC description. No symbols or capital letters. Example: jcrew black striped sweater or free people long red dress. This is important in the event your tag gets separated from your clothing item. Items without tags cannot be sold.
  • Choose price.  Must be in $1 increments.
  • Check donate, if you would like your unsold items to be donated after the sale.
  • Click add item

Edit inventory

  • If you need to edit one item, go to Manage Items and check the Edits box.
  • If you need to edit multiple items, select those items and you can change your donate choice, edit or delete items.

Print tags

  • Have your 65lbs+ cardstock ready.  Best to use normal or draft print setting (best quality is often too dark and causes the barcode to bleed).
  • Login and go to Manage Inventory icon.
  • Select all entries to be shown on ONE page, check all items (by clicking on the check all box), then click the Print button. Follow the prompts and print your tags (8 tags per sheet).

No printer or way to print your tags click here 

Attach tags

  • Attach tags with a safety pin or tagging gun to a label or inside seam to avoid damaging your garments. When attaching to pants affix tag to front left at the waist.
  • Attach tags directly to all jewelry pieces. Do NOT place jewelry in bags with a loose tag. Use a safety pin, jewelry fasteners (sold by divine consign) or ribbon and a hole punched tag to attach tags to jewelry. Earrings can go right through the tag as an earring card for easy display.
  • Attach tags to shoes. The most secure options: use packing tape and attach to inside sole or bottom of shoes (not taping over barcode) or use safety pins, jewelry fasteners (sold by divine consign) or ribbon and a hole punched tag to secure to strap or zipper. Do NOT attach to shoe boxes as they will NOT stay with shoes.

Drop off

  • Login to select a çheck-in time to drop off your items at the sale.
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for drop off.
  • Arrive with your items neatly hung and tagged.
  • We will inspect your items to make sure they are properly tagged and fall within our guidelines. Once inspected, your accepted items will be placed on the sales floor. Any unaccepted items will be returned.

Pick up

  • Consignors who have chosen to pick up their unsold items after the sale may do so within the designated pick-up time. See your specific sale page for hours.
  • If you are unable to pick up during these times, please make alternative arrangements with a friend or family member to pick up your items. Any items not picked up during the designated times will be donated to our partner charities.

Getting paid

All consignors will receive a base of 60% of their sales. Consignors receive an additional 5% for each four-hour shift they help with the potential of earning up to 75%. A $20 consignor fee will be subtracted from your earnings. Divine Consign will e-mail an e-check  one week following the sale. Please make sure you have a valid email address to ensure you receive your e-check.


Volunteer and increase your earned %.

  • Help for 4 hours – earn 65% of your sales.
  • Help for 8 hours – earn 70% of your sales and shop the first pre-sale night at 4pm.
  • Help for 12 hours – earn 75% of your sales and shop the first pre-sale night at 4pm.

*Select shifts will also waive your consignor fee in addition to earning an extra 5%.

Divine Helpers ensure our sale is organized and our shoppers are well taken care of. Divine Helpers assist with the following:

  • Organize and restock the sales floor
  • Direct shoppers
  • Manage fitting room areas
  • Assist with check out

Reserve your volunteer shift today

Become a Divine Helper and reserve your shift by logging into your account  and click the volunteer icon. Limited shifts available.

Become a restock consignor

Our sales fill up very quickly. In order to extend the opportunity to sell to as many women as possible, we are offering a restock option to a limited number of consignors at each sale. As a restock consignor you are invited to bring up to 40 items which will join the sale one day after the sale has opened to the general public. Your items will be in the sale for two full price and two half-off days and there will be only a $10 consignor fee.  As a restock consignor you will receive all the same advantages as other consignors (earned %, shop the pre-sales, etc.) If the sale fills up before you have the opportunity to register, we encourage you to consider becoming a restock consignor this season. Limited space available at each sale.