Don’t miss the most talked about women’s THRIFTING event in the Milwaukee area! Each sale features over 40,000 tempting and affordable pre-loved, high-end, seasonal fashion choices. Something for women of all ages, styles and sizes.

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Hours and Directions


March 7–11
Hours and Directions


May 3–7

Coming Soon


Shopping Tips

  • Always wear a cami
  • Prepare a list of what you hope to find
  • Allow enough time to get through the sale
  • Leave your coat and heavy belongings in the car
  • Be as hands free as possible
  • If you love it, get it. Items sell fast

Designer fashion is no longer available to only those with designer budgets.  Divine Consign is a consignment event held six times a year featuring designer clothing for women of all ages and sizes. Imagine major labels at prices so low, you won’t feel guilty leaving with your arms full.

Cash & Cards

We accept cash, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

Dressing Rooms

Each sale has rooms available to try on items before purchasing.

Half Off

Each sale has two designated days where select items are half-off.

Brands you can expect to find